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BGWC Academy

BGWC Academy is being revamped for the benefit of our eager learners. The mission is simple, to enhance the academic, professional and personal development of students through an active mentorship program and virtual workshops. In addition to our four pre-planned interactive session beginning this summer, we will also be introducing our first BGWC chat! Be sure to subscribe to the BGWC Newsletter for the latest Academy announcements.

Topics to Expect:

June 3rd - Becoming a Better Mentor/Mentee

June 17 - Learning How to Study

July 8 - Professional Development

July 22 - IMG/Non-Traditional Advising Panel

The inaugural 2024 BGWC Academy cohort has been selected. Expect all communication via email and GroupMe.

Black Girl White Coat 

Black Girl White Coat Academy is a series of lectures and workshops designed to assist pre-health students and residents as they navigate the journey to medicine. 

We hope to provide our BGWC community with supplemental knowledge on topics that are not typically standard in medical education and others that are frequently discussed amongst our BGWC mentors and mentees. 

Below, you will find recorded sessions and presentations from BGWC Academy 2023. If you have any questions regarding any of the sessions or are in need of specific contact information, please email 

Thank you to Vituity for sponsoring all 2023 BGWC Academy efforts. 

Introduction to Mentoring

Mentorship is one of the pillars of Black Girl White Coat. We believe that sound advising and mentorship from credible individuals is an invaluable key to success on each person's journey to a career in healthcare. 

Click photo below to review powerpoint. 

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 12.33.18 PM.png

CV & Resumé Workshop | In Partnership with Vituity

Developing a resumé/CV that will capture the attention of a prospective employer should be a skill all future healthcare professionals strive to develop. This is often a document that serves as a first impression for academic programs, future employers, scholarship review committees, and much more. 

Thank you to our friends over at Vituity for leading this BGWC Academy session. 

Click photo below to review powerpoint. 

Scroll down to view zoom recording. 

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 12.37.08 PM.png

Money Management and Financial Literacy | In Partnership with Vituity 

Handling finances as a student new to the academic medicine grind is no small task. The financial burden that comes along with working towards a career in medicine is seldomly discussed as a part of medical curriculum or in training. In this informative and interactive BGWC Academy session, we team up with Vituity and Yohance Harrison of The Money Script to bring you key lessons on how to be smart with what you have now. 

Click photo below to review powerpoint. 

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Recorded Sessions

Recorded sessions below may not be used, saved, or repurposed for any reason. 

For more information, please email

CV & Resumé Workshop

Money Management & Financial Literacy

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