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One of the core pillars of Black Girl White Coat is mentorship.


We believe that mentorship is key for the academic and professional development of students pursuing higher education and especially those from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds looking to succeed in the world of healthcare. This is why we offer mentorship free of charge for Black and Hispanic students. 

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Mentors are welcome to join the Black Girl White Coat Mentor Network year-round.


We are always in need of mentors who are willing to volunteer their time to help Black and Hispanic students. We welcome URM mentors as well as our loving allies. In order to be a mentor you must have an undergraduate degree, be enrolled in professional school or currently practice in your healthcare field as a licensed professional.


Mentees are welcome to apply to the Black Girl White Coat Mentorship Program when enrollment opens.


There will be announcements made via social media and our newsletter regarding open enrollment. Historically, our Mentorship Program has accepted new mentees in the Spring and/or Fall semesters of each year.

We facilitate the match and let you take the lead. Here are some basic rules to ensure a safe space is created for all involved.


Our Spring 2023 Mentorship Program semester will open for mentee enrollment late February. The best way to stay up-to-date with the latest Mentorship Program news is by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media.

Please direct all questions about mentorship to

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